GXG Official List

GXG Official List (formerly GXG Regulated Market) provides companies with listing on a European Regulated Market.

The GXG Official List is a Regulated Market operated under the European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) and is directly regulated by Finanstilsynet, the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.


As the most prestigious of all of the markets operated by GXG Markets, the rules and regulations of the GXG Official List are more stringent than for the junior markets operated by GXG. This higher level of regulation means that companies on the Regulated Market are more likely to be at a more mature phase of their growth cycle and have to employ a higher level of corporate governance.

This higher level of regulation and corporate governance required of companies listing on the by the GXG Official List appeals a wider pool of potential investors; both retail and institutional, who prefer to invest in companies at a more mature stage of the growth cycle. In addition, pension funds often preclude investment outside regulated markets.

Companies on the Official List benefit from having their market quote on GXG Markets itself and on Bloomberg’s terminals, website and smartphone investor apps. Additionally, GXG Listed companies can benefit from having their regulatory news and trading updates placed to both the market and secondary information providers via Thomson Reuters.

The GXG Official List has granted Recognised Stock Exchange status by the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, providing companies with the ability to passport to their listing to obtain a dual list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Admission Requirements

There are four main requirements for companies looking to join the Regulated Market:

  • Companies will have to produce a prospectus.
  • They must adhere to IFRS accounting standards.
  • There should be a market capitalisation of at least £5m as at the time of admission.
  • Companies will need to appoint a sponsor to assist them with their listing and to ensure that companies continue to meet the market rules as part of their obligations as a listed company.

More information

You can download a copy of the GXG Official List Rules here, and contact us to discuss your situation and the applicability of the GXG Official List for your business




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